Young Adult Strategies (YAS)

Young Adult Strategies

Young Adult Strategies for substance misuse prevention is in partnership with the South Central Public Health Network.

Young Adult Strategies will promote the health and well being of young adults, by addressing barriers, supporting needs, and offering short and long term support for those who are concerned about their substance use, mental health and connectedness to the services they need. YAS will assess concerning behaviors, provide educational and group support, and make appropriate and thoughtful referrals for those services we do not provide, by bridging and assisting those seeking our help. YAS will foster personal growth and skill building, as well as develop support for those caring for a person with SUD (substance use disorder).    

Key activities include: 
  • Providing evidence-informed services for young adults, ages 18-25, to positively impact healthy decisions around the use of substances and increase knowledge of the consequences of substance misuse
  • Implementing programming to address key risk factors for young adult misuse, including work stressors, lack of positive stress-coping strategies, and undiagnosed mental illness

This program includes drug and alcohol education and assessment, long term recovery support, and a self-awareness program. The program provides adults 18 - 25 an opportunity to take a closer look and evaluate their own personal relationship with dangerous or controlled substances. Group discussions with peers and learning the facts of how drugs affect the body and brain from trained, knowledgeable facilitators are additional elements of the program.

A phase 1 and phase 2 portion of the program will assist young adults in gaining skills and strategies to remain substance and alcohol free. 

For more information, please contact Michelle James, Program Coordinator, at 603-437-8477 x22.

This project is supported by funding from the Partnership for Success 2015 grant awarded to the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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