Teen Information for Parenting Success (TIPS), E3 Fatherhood Project, Healthy Families America (HFA)

Teen Information for Parenting Success (TIPS), Fatherhood Project, 
Healthy Families America (HFA)

Are you an expectant or parenting teen?
TIPS offers a place to learn more about what you can do.
We are a support and education program for expecting and young families.
Talk, Listen, Learn – Be Accepted.

Join us for…
  • A place to talk
  • A place where others are doing what you are doing
  • Get answers, get connected with services
  • Learn about how to be a parent
  • Talk about what you will do
  • Get connected with resources that help you finish school, get a job, help you with housing information, and more
Services are free and confidential. If you are pregnant or a parent and you are 23 or under TIPS may be for you.

The program includes:
Weekly Meetings at School, set up through your guidance counselor or nurse
Weekly Evening Meetings:   Wednesday evenings 5:00 - 7:00pm, childcare provided
Workshops - education, finances, jobs, baby care, WIC, literacy, baby development

Dads 101 Workshops
Learn and Shop nights
Fun Family Events
Access to Food Pantry 
Note: The Upper Room follows Derry School District cancellation policy for weather, if Derry Schools close TIPS will also be closed.

For more information and to register for a session, contact Janis Lilly, TIPS program coordinator at 603.437.8477  x12.

TIPS proudly thanks our funders: Bank of America, Oak Foundation for Child Health and Education,  The Women's Fund of NH , and many individual contributors.

Healthy Families America (HFA)
Pregnant and Looking For Resources? Talk to our Resource Specialist Today!

Healthy Families America is for any Rockingham County families who are expecting, or have recently given birth.

The program offers:
During pregnancy, our team of home visitors will offer support in the areas of:
• Prenatal healthcare
• Nutrition
• Smoking cessation
• Counseling
• Family Planning
• Preparing for your new baby
• Early childhood development
• Alcohol and drug prevention counseling
• Access to community resources
• And anything else to ensure mother and baby’s success in life

After the birth of your baby, our team of nurses, parent educators and counselors will be available to make weekly home visits and offer support in the areas of:
• Post-partum healthcare
• Well-baby care
• Nutrition for both mother and baby
• Breast/bottle feeding
• Screening for post-partum and maternal depression
• Infant brain development 

Your family home visitors will get to know you, your baby and your family. They will answer questions you may not feel comfortable asking others and will work with you and your family to strengthen your relationships, set realistic goals, overcome barriers and find helpful services in your community. Your home visitors will form a partnership with you in a way that makes sense for your family.

As your family grows up, your home visiting team will continue to answer your questions about:
• Effective parenting
• Early childhood development and play
• Toys and activities
• Appropriate discipline techniques
• Family planning and contraception
• Life skills including your next steps in education, work and finding quality childcare

To take advantage of this program, or to receive more information, contact Janis Lilly at 603.437.8477 x12.
This program is presented in partnership with Child and Family Services.

E3 Teen Fatherhood Program
The State of NH has received a grant from the US Department of Education to develop a program geared specifically for teen dads that involve education, employment, and engagement (E3). It has a three fold approach: engagement, education and employment – E3

Parenting Pathway 
Teen dads will participate in a short-term parenting classes that will explore aspects of family engagement and an understanding of child development. This class can lead to further advancement of the teen dads graduation requirements.
Individual and Family Coaching Pathway 
Teen dads has availability to access the University of New Hampshire Craft Cottage and Marriage Center for coaching during this period of transition into fatherhood. These services are available to the teen dad throughout life, whenever needed.

Upon review of transcripts, E3 will build a plan leading to high school graduation. Course work can be completed in a multiple of non-traditional formats such as On-line classes; Adult Education; Charter Schools. The University of New Hampshire Department of Human Development and Family Studies support teen fathers through the IHE Bridge Program as the teen fathers begin to explore options for possible entry into higher education once they have completed their curriculum and received their high school diploma.

E3 will help the teen dad find viable employment. The E3 program pays an additional $3.00 per hour capping at an 80 hours per month for enrolled working or interning parents. Work experience can counts towards completion of a high school diploma. Apprenticeship USA can help with the employment process to get a start on career-specific training with viable career pathway opportunities.

To take advantage of this program, or to receive more information, contact Janis Lilly at 603.437.8477 x12.
Program is in partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Education.  

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