Family Wellness - Greater Derry Family Outreach (GDFO)

Family Wellness Greater Derry Family Outreach (GDFO)

Providing in-home parenting education & counseling

Who is this program for?

Providing in-home parenting education and counseling.
Being a parent is hard work. Children don't come with a manual. You don't have to go it alone. You can get help for your family at no cost through the Greater Derry Family Outreach Program.
If you are having…
  • Problems with communication in the family
  • Questions about parenting your child or teenager
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Concerns about alcohol or substance use by your children or the adults in your home
  • Bullying, arguing or fighting among family members
  • Mental health issues
  • Conflict in the home
Let us help you make a difference for your family!

GDFO Services include:
  • Short-term in-home family support, education and counseling
  • Groups and workshops (some with free childcare provided)
  • Connections to community services
  • An experienced counselor/parent educator can meet with you at home or in the office.

Our schedule is flexible and evening appointments are available. Call or email Michelle James at (603) 437-8477 x 22. 
The assistance is free and confidential.

Greater Derry Family Outreach is made possible by funds through a contract with Child and Family Services, and The TJX Companies, Inc.
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