What We Do

Our Focus

We help children, families, and communities break the cycle of poverty by empowering people of all ages to dream, aspire and achieve.


A solid foundation in education is key to success later in life. Your donation funds teachers, books and extracurricular activities to help get youngsters off to the right start. 


Basic health care that many of us take for granted can be hard for others to access. We ensure that underprivileged youngsters and adults have access to the health practitioners they need. 


Community is the family that goes beyond family. It is the people and places that we come in contact with each and every day. When we strengthen communities, we strengthen individuals.


These are a few of our most recent programs. Each and every year, we carry out more than 1000 programs across the country, involving people of every age, interest and need.

April 6, 2017, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Department of Education, 101 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH
Teen dads, their partners and children
Teen Information for Parenting Success (TIPS) and Healthy Families America (HFA)
Are you a pregnant or parenting teen?

TIPS offers a place to learn more about what you can do.

We are a support and education program for expecting and young families.

Talk, Listen, Learn – Be Accepted.

Join us for…

  • A place to talk
  • A place where others are doing what you are doing
  • Get answers, get connected with resources
  • Learn about how to be a parent
  • Talk about what you will do
  • Get connected with resources that help you finish school, get a job, help you with housing information, and more

Services are free and confidential. If you are pregnant or a parent and you are 23 or under TIPS may be for you.

The program includes:

  • Weekly Meetings at School / set up through your guidance counselor or nurse
  • Weekly Evening Meetings Wednesday Evenings 5:00 - 7:00 PM childcare provided
  • Workshops - education, finances, jobs, baby care, WIC, literacy, baby development
  • Summer Ice Cream Social  AUGUST 2017
  • Dads 101
  • Learn and Shop nights
  • Fun Family Events
  • Access to Food Pantry

TIPS Winter / Spring 2017 Calendar

Note: To protect you and your baby, TIPS will close due to extreme weather/school closings.

TIPS in The News:

For more information and to register for a session, contact Janis Lilly , TIPS program coordinator at 603.437.8477 x12.

TIPS proudly thanks our funders: Bank of America, Oak Foundation for Child Health and Education, and The Women's Fund of NH , and many individual contributions.

Healthy Families America (HFA)
Pregnant and Looking For Resources? Talk to our Resource Specialist Today!

HFA is for any Rockingham County families who are expecting, or have recently given birth.

The program offers:

  • Parenting and child development information
  • Community resources and referrals
  • Connections to what you need
  • Opportunities to establish healthy parent-child relationships

To take advantage of this program, or to receive more information, contact Janis Lilly at 603.437.8477 x12.

Program is in partnership with Child and Family Services

Greater Derry Family Outreach (GDFO)

Providing in-home parenting education and counseling.

Being a parent is hard work. Children don't come with a manual. You don't have to go it alone. You can get help for your family at no cost through the Greater Derry Family Outreach Program.

If you are having…

  • Problems with communication in the family
  • Questions about parenting your child or teenager
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Concerns about alcohol or substance use by your children or the adults in your home
  • Bullying, arguing or fighting among family members
  • Mental health issues
  • Conflict in  the home

Let us help you make a difference for your family!

GDFO Services include:

  • Short-term in-home family support, education and counseling
  • Groups and workshops (some with free childcare provided)
  • Connections to community services
  • An experienced counselor/parent educator can meet with you at home or in the office.

Our schedule is flexible and evening appointments are available. Call or email Michelle James at (603) 437-8477 x 22.
The assistance is free and confidential.

Greater Derry Family Outreach is made possible by funds through a contract with Child and Family Services, and The TJX Companies, Inc.

Families Reaching Our Goals (FROG)

Formerly Families on the Go - FOG

Support group/playgroup for parents, grandparents or caregivers caring for young children 0 - 6..

Wednesday  Morning Meetings from 9:15 to 10:45 a.m. Childcare is provided.

All workshops are facilitated in a relaxed, confidential and supportive environment where parenting information is introduced and your parenting joys and struggles can be discussed.

Summer Field Trip Outings are always free for children, adults must be registered with FROG and attend all field trips with the children.  Field Trips occur 1x week during the summer.

February 2017:
Improving Self-Esteem …for ourselves and our children!

(2/1, 8, 15, 22)


March 2017: 
“Child Development:  What is typical? How to promote this for my child?  What resources are there if I am worried?”
( No group on 3/1 =vacation .  FROG held 3/8, 15, 22, 29)
April 2017:
Keeping our Kids Safe !”
(*National “Strengthening Families” Month) (4/5, 12, 19, 26;—No group on 5/3 = school vacation)
May 2017:
Understanding Community Resources and Advocating for Your Family
(5/10, 17, 24, 31)


r Fun and Safety!
  (6/7, 14—No group 6/21 or 28 for planning meeting and vacation)

For more information or to register, please contact   Pam Miller Sallet at 437-8477 x22.

* Please note that FROG follows the Derry School District cancellation for weather schedule.

HiSET Option Program (Formerly GED Program)

The GED is now known as HiSET.

The HiSET Program is a high school equivalency educational program.  Students ages 16 - 21 attend classes so that they can prepare to take the HiSET Exam to complete high school. The program provides classroom teaching, tutoring, and individual support to ensure that students who enter are ready to take the HiSET exam when they have completed the course.  Students also have access to a school counselor who will assist them in preparing for life after high school.  College preparation, job readiness skills, and life skills are all part of the program for each student. 


To offer a high school alternative that provides individualized educational opportunities, in combination with career exploration and self development. A respect for individuality and personal development of each student is the foundation that the HiSET Program embraces for students. Student potential is supported and developed through their educational experience.

Who can attend?

To qualify for the HiSET Program, students must be referred through Pinkerton Academy Continuing Education (PACE) or referred from a participating high school. All students under 18 must have parental support for this alternative option. Students must be at least 16, they can be a student at risk of dropping out of school, or have already dropped out.

Why is it unique?

The HiSET Program is unique because it focuses on students in a more individualized manner. Case management is offered to assist with barriers to students’ success in school. Students are offered support in meeting their own unique life challenges. A smaller setting and small class size allows students who prefer this type of setting a place to gain their education. Students have access to services at Employment Security, and are encouraged to develop a post graduate plan for life after high school to include work, trades, training or college. Students also receive support for college, post secondary trainings, and future opportunities.

How are classes set up?

Students meet four days per week from 8:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Classes are held at The Upper Room, A Family Resource Center, in Derry. Classes promote learning of all information needed to pass the HiSET, which includes: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing. Small class instruction, tutoring, and individualized learning plans support each student in reaching their goal of a HiSET certificate. In addition, life skills are offered through workshops, presentations, field trips and additional educational opportunities.

How do I enroll?

If pre-test scores indicate that the HiSET Program can support your educational goal, you will be set up with an intake meeting, and can begin classes once your plan is established.

Interested students must register for each pre-test to ensure we have space available. Please contact Michelle Brauch mbrauch@urteachers.org  or 603-437-8477 x18 to register.

For more information, speak with your School Counselor, Pinkerton Academy Continuing Education Director Lynne Lonergan 437-5200 x1111, or contact Michelle Brauch at 437-8477 x18. All HiSET Pretests are offered at The Upper Room, Family Resource Center, at 36 Tsienneto Road Derry, NH 03038.

Online Resources:

NHHEAF offers free college planning library workshops and webinars. View their events page here.

View important college fair and admission deadline information from NHHEAF.

Hear HiSET Options Program Graduate, Alexis Brophy, speak about her experience in the program , and how it helped her further her education, and be well on the way to achieving her goals.

The Upper Room thanks its partnership with Pinkerton Academy, to provide the HiSET Program.           

Greater Derry Juvenile Diversion Program

Empowering youth to make responsible decisions by offering an alternative to court intervention while holding them accountable for their actions.

The Diversion Process:

  • Intake: The police department makes a referral to the Diversion Program. The youth then must attend a meeting (with a parent) with the Diversion Coordinator. Background information will be gathered and the youth will discuss the incident to make a final determination of eligibility. The Diversion Coordinator will go over the responsibilities as a participant in the program with the youth.
  • The Contract Hearing: Once a youth is accepted into the Diversion Program they must attend a Community Team Meeting with a parent or guardian. The meeting consists of a panel of community members who determine an appropriate plan of accountability. A “contract” is presented to the youth at this time. The youth will be asked to commit themselves to fulfilling this contract in the amount of time given by the Diversion Coordinator.
  • The Review Hearing: Participants in the Diversion Program will meet with the team of community members at the end of the contract period. The case will be reviewed and if the youth successfully completes the contract on time, the referring police department will be notified that the case brought against the youth is formally closed.

A contract can include:

  • Restitution
  • Referrals to appropriate programs such as Challenge, Take Control, or Yes
  • Community service
  • An educational one on one workshop addressing issues with the incident at hand.
  • A research paper or project concentrating on the issues surrounding the incident.
  • A personal development project, such as a life goals timeline.
  • A formal apology to parents, family members or victims.


  • Youth is under age 18
  • It is a chargeable offense: the facts of the case would lead to a court hearing.
  • The facts of the police report are not contested.
  • The youth is willing to take full responsibility for their actions.
  • Cases with serious or physically aggressive offenses are excluded.

Greater Derry Juvenile Diversion Program Coordinator is Diane Casale:  432-8882.

A program of The Upper Room, a Family Resource Center.

We proudly thank our funders: the Towns of Derry, Salem, Chester and Londonderry.

Take Control Workshop

An adolescent wellness service that includes Anger Management for Youth.

Do you know of a teen that seems to feel frustrated, overwhelmed or angry? Would you like to see a teen in your life have less conflict at home, school or with friends? Take Control is a workshop designed to help youth respond better to conflict.

It empowers adolescents to recognize:

  • when they are angry
  • what makes them upset
  • how to resolve conflict constructively


Take control also educates youth about the effect of anger on their lives, their family’s lives and all of their life environments. Please email Cheryl Fruin or call her at 437-8477  x15 for a class schedule..

Non-Refundable Registration fee: $100.00 - Download Registration Form >

After you have completed the registration form and have been added to the program you may pay here via Paypal.


Take Control has been successfully providing youth in Greater Derry with empowerment
strategies since 1996.
Empower the youth in your life to make responsible life decisions.

Facilitated by the Adolescent Wellness Program, a program of The Upper Room, A Family Resource Center.

Generously funded by Granite United Way , Alexander Eastman Foundation and Londonderry Rotary Club

Challenge Course

An adolescent wellness service that includes drug and alcohol education and a self-awareness program. The program provides adolescents an opportunity to take a closer look and evaluate their own personal relationship with dangerous or controlled substances. Using group discussions with peers and learning the facts of how drugs affect the body and brain from trained, knowledgeable facilitators.

If you have been:

  • Suspended from school for possession or being under the influence.
  • Picked up by the police for possession of alcohol or being in the presence of alcohol.
  • Arrested for possession of other substances or paraphernalia (first offense, small quantity).
  • Parent or guardian has found alcohol or other drugs/ or the youth has arrived home under the influence and the parent or guardian is concerned.

A youth may be referred into the program by the Juvenile Justice System when:

  • An adolescent has tested positive for alcohol or other drugs or,
  • Has admitted to use and the JPPO or court wants to assess the level of use.

Successful completion of the Challenge Course includes:

  • Commitment to abstain from substances for the duration of the program.
  • Intake interview with a parent or guardian prior to being accepted into the program.
  • Attendance at all scheduled classes consecutively.
  • Payment in full for all course fees including restart fee if applicable.
  • At least one parent must attend a minimum of 2 parent sessions.
  • Exit interview with a parent or guardian present.

SASSI Drug/Alcohol Screening Will Be Administered. There is a non-refundable $180.00 fee due at Registration/Intake. Download Registration Form Here >

Contact Cheryl Fruin at 437-8477  x15

After you have completed the registration process and have been signed up, you may pay here by credit card or PayPal.


Facilitated by the Adolescent Wellness Program,
a program of The Upper Room, A Family Resource Center
Generously funded by: Alexander Eastman Foundation and Granite United Way

Click here for Drug Facts and Prevention Tips

YES Program (Youth Education for Shoplifting)

A program for young people who have shoplifted.

The YES program is a course that allows youth a chance to educate themselves on why they are shoplifting and how they can empower themselves to stop this behavior in the future. Empower the youth in your life to make responsible life decisions.

What is the YES Program?

YES students first participate in an individual home-based study, presented in a CD/Workbook format. When this is complete, students will then participate in 6 hours of group class time. Active participation in the classroom segment directly affects the outcome of the course for the youth.

Topics Addressed in the YES Program

The YES Program covers a wide range of topics within a well-designed curriculum. Students will learn the feelings, stresses and reason within their life that causes them to shoplift. Students will cover making choices, risk-taking versus reward, and the consequences of further shoplifting charges. The program offers youth a chance to learn about their shoplifting experience through self-exploration, peer group discussions and individual activities.

There is a $75.00 non-refundable fee for the YES Program, payable upon registration for the course.       

YES Registration Form

For more information and registration contact Diane Casale at 603.432.8882   x14



Funded by Granite United Way and Londonderry Rotary Club

UR Parents Support Group

A weekly support group for parents of teenagers. UR Parents is offered through the Adolescent Wellness Program. Empower yourself to learn more about your teenager!

Discussion, information and support for parents who face the challenges of raising teens in today’s society.

Meetings are held every Thursday evening from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at The Upper Room, a Family Resource Center. Please call Cheryl Fruin at 437-8477  x15 for more information. Bring questions and concerns about your teen to this weekly discussion group.

Topics include:

  • lack of motivation
  • school related issues
  • defiant teen behaviors
  • issues surrounding divorce
  • trust issues, coping with anger
  • family separation
  • teen safety
  • lying
  • teen sexuality

There is no registration or fee required.

UR Parents is facilitated by the Adolescent Wellness Program
a program of The Upper Room, a Family Resource Center. 

Graciously funded by Granite United Way and Londonderry Rotary Club.

Community Service Learning Opportunities (CSLO)

Providing supervised community service opportunities for youth.

Who is this program for?

CSLO is perfect for youth who are interested in participating in community service. We will accept referrals from JPPOs, courts, the diversion program, schools and parents.

What is the cost?

There is a $25 administration fee payable at time of intake.

Where will the community service be located?

CSLO serves individuals and programs in the towns of Derry, Londonderry, Sandown, Chester and Windham.

When will community service be done?

Opportunities are planned one month in advance, giving youth and parents time to plan accordingly.

What about transportation?

The youth will be responsible for his or her own ride to and from the service site.

Call 432-8882   x14 or email Diane if you are:

  • Interested in community service
  • Are a site in need of community service
  • An adult wishing to volunteer in the program
  • Have any questions or need assistance

Program facilitated by Diane Casale.

After you have registered and been signed up, you may pay the $25 fee here via PayPal.


“With community service-learning, respondents can explore their potential as citizens by helping communities meet their educational, public safety, human and environmental needs.”
Giving Back, Constitutional Rights Foundation. 

Facilitated by the Greater Derry Juvenile Diversion Program,
a program of The Upper Room, a Family Resource Center
With support from the Towns of Derry, Salem, Chester and Londonderry

What are the benefits of parenting education?
Strengthen Parent-Child Communication
Grandparents raising grandchildren need support, and current information on education, technology, etc
Strengthen Parent- School Partnerships
Prevent Substance Abuse, understand what is happening today
Learn Techniques for Positive Influences
Create Positive Impact on Behaviors
Network with Other Parents
Learn how to help your child succeed at school and home
Provide a place where your child can talk to you
Strengthen your communication with your child
Build strong relationship with your childNew Paragraph

We are excited to offer many new classes, workshops and one-hour parenting sessions to answer your parenting questions.  

Call Sue Schick 603-437-8477 x 27 for more information.  

Parent Education 2016-2017
The Foster Care Program Division 
for Children, Youth and Families
Are you ready to make a difference in the life of a child? Become a foster parent!
Call the Foster Care Program Division for Children, Youth and Families
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
1-800-852-3345 x4711 or (603) 271-4711 or go to the State of New Hampshire Foster Care Program

Community Resources

Check out fascinating, easy-to-understand graphics that illustrate what we all need to know about what it feels like to suffer from anxiety or depression or being in recovery from mental illness, these illuminating layouts are thanks to Mental Health America.

It's 2017!  Tax Prep Assistance info here

The Upper Room has a vast directory of resources available to individuals and families. Click here to download a .pdf file of these resources. Please call for more information.

The (Southern NH Human Resource Council) SNHHSC has a Resource Guide, which is located on the Kelly Library website. We are currently working on updating this guide; however it does provide some excellent resources. Please click here to use this guide.

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