Take Control

Take Control Workshop

Greater Derry Juvenile Diversion Program

An adolescent wellness service that includes Anger Management for Youth

Who is this program for?

Do you know of a teen that seems to feel frustrated, overwhelmed or angry? Would you like to see a teen in your life have less conflict at home, school or with friends? Take Control is a workshop designed to help youth respond better to conflict.
It empowers adolescents to recognize:
  • when they are angry
  • what makes them upset
  • how to resolve conflict constructively
Take control also educates youth about the effect of anger on their lives, their family’s lives and all of their life environments. Please email Cheryl Fruin or call her at 437-8477 x15 for a class schedule..

Non-Refundable Registration fee: $100.00 - Download Registration Form 

After you have completed the registration form and have been added to the program you may pay here via Paypal.
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Take Control has been successfully providing youth in Greater Derry with empowerment 
strategies since 1996.
Empower the youth in your life to make responsible life decisions.
Facilitated by the Adolescent Wellness Program, a program of The Upper Room, A Family Resource Center.
Generously funded by Granite United Way , Alexander Eastman Foundation and Londonderry Rotary Club

The Diversion Process:

Intake: The police department makes a referral to the Diversion Program. The youth then must attend a meeting (with a parent) with the Diversion Coordinator. Background information will be gathered and the youth will discuss the incident to make a final determination of eligibility. The Diversion Coordinator will go over the responsibilities as a participant in the program with the youth.

The Contract Hearing: Once a youth is accepted into the Diversion Program they must attend a Community Team Meeting with a parent or guardian. The meeting consists of a panel of community members who determine an appropriate plan of accountability. A “contract” is presented to the youth at this time. The youth will be asked to commit themselves to fulfilling this contract in the amount of time given by the Diversion Coordinator.

The Review Hearing: Participants in the Diversion Program will meet with the team of community members at the end of the contract period. The case will be reviewed and if the youth successfully completes the contract on time, the referring police department will be notified that the case brought against the youth is formally closed.

A contract can include:
  • Restitution
  • Referrals to appropriate programs such as Challenge, Take Control, or Yes
  • Community service
  • An educational one on one workshop addressing issues with the incident at hand.
  • A research paper or project concentrating on the issues surrounding the incident.
  • A personal development project, such as a life goals timeline.
  • A formal apology to parents, family members or victims.
  • Youth is under age 18
  • It is a chargeable offense: the facts of the case would lead to a court hearing.
  • The facts of the police report are not contested.
  • The youth is willing to take full responsibility for their actions.
  • Cases with serious or physically aggressive offenses are excluded.

Greater Derry Juvenile Diversion Program Coordinator is Diane Casale: 432-8882.

A program of The Upper Room, a Family Resource Center.
We proudly thank our funders: the Towns of Derry, Salem, Chester and Londonderry.
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