Wish List

Wish List

Wish List for 2017:
  • Gardening supplies, seeds, flowers, sunscreen .
  • Getting ready to spruce up our back yard for our upcoming graduation ceremony. In need of flower baskets for our back yard.
  • Children's and Teen Programs can always use:
  • Small water bottles
  • Juice boxes
  • Individual nut free snacks like: Cereal bars, Goldfish, Cheeze-itz, Granola bars!
Make an Donation Now!  Let us know if you're stopping by!

NH Gives

The Upper Room is excited to participate in
the NH Gives Day June 2017, as part of our 30 Celebrates 30 Campaign!
Support us by going to: www.nhgives.org

We’re so excited to be a part of #NHGives! You can support our campaign by visiting https://www.nhgives.org and donating June . #NHGives

NH Gives Day Open House 
Tuesday, June 7, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
NH Center for Nonprofits
84 Silk Farm Road, Suite 1, Concord, NH
Let us know if you plan on stopping by!


Most of our workforce is comprised of volunteers. If you have a few free hours that you can dedicate to others, or a skill that can be shared, we will be happy to channel it in the right direction.


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